Developer’s guide for NetFPGA 2.1

In our project we used the NetFPGA 2.1 package, and found from README of the home directory, here is a developer’s guide for how you add the new design.

| Author: Jad Naous <first initial last name at stanford period edu>
| Description: Quick intro to NetFPGA

1.0 Tree structure
2.0 Getting started with design
2.1 Using modules
2.2 Adding your own code
2.3 Overriding library code
2.4 Coregen
3.0 Environment setup
4.0 Simulation
5.0 Implementation
6.0 Running the hardware
6.1 Kernel Driver
6.2 Download
7.0 Contacts

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Interfacing with register-router table configuration

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Integrating with the Hardware

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NetFPGA reading lists from Universities

Recommended reading from Cambridge University

Strazisar, V. (1979). How to build a gateway.

Postel, J. (ed.) (1981). Internet protocol.

Baker, F. (ed.) (1995). Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers. Comer D. (2006). Internetworking with TCP-IP, Vol. 1.

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Step by step packet generator configuration

About the packets loss

Since the PCI bandwidth is less than the maximum combined receive bandwidth across all four Ethernet ports it is possible that received packets will be dropped. Dropping of packets occurs when the buffers on the NetFPGA board overflow.

Packet generator This project provides a simple packet generator and capture tool. It is designed for use by anyone who wants to inject packets into a network and/or observe packets exiting a network.
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NetFPGA Registers

Global register map

Block Size Address Range
CPCI 4MB 0x0000000–0x03FFFFF
NF2 12MB 0x0400000–0x0FFFFFF
SRAM 16MB 0x1000000–0x1FFFFFF
NF2 32MB 0x0200000–0x3FFFFFF
DRAM 64MB 0x4000000–0x7FFFFFF

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error when installing NI Labview 2012 with DAQ module and drive

The “NI LabWindows/CVI 2010 SP1 Network Variable Library” installation has failed with the following error: Continue reading